Top 10 Dry Van Trucking Companies in Florida

When shipping something in the Sunshine State, it can be quite difficult to decide whom to use. With so many options, it can cause the paradox of choice. However, with such a large variety of options comes a variety of qualities. Here we have a compilation of the best trucking companies in the state to make your choice easier.


10. Atlantic Truck lines

For almost 30 years Atlantic trucking has been a key player in the value space for trucking in Florida with an emphasis on moving cargo from ports to rail. They also offer long haul, container yard, local trucking, & chassis fleet.

Phone: (904)353-4723


Address: 3636 Phoenix Avenue – Jacksonville, Florida 32206


9. Lake Trucking Company

Lake Trucking company has been in the industry for over 50 years, with a large fleet and a standout safety record they have managed to maintain a position as one of the best trucking companies in the state

Phone: 352-326-8808


Address: 625 County Road 468, Leesburg, FL 34748 


8. East Florida Hauling

Founded by Domingo & Robert Acuna in 1987, East Florida Hauling (EFH) was created from the ground up with customer satisfaction in mind. They have a 7ac fully paved facility located near the Port of Miami, FEC, and MIA. EFH offers support for unconventional loads including, overweight, oversize, and hazardous.

Phone: (305)691-0091

Address: 7227 NW 29 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33147


7. Williams Trucking Company Inc

Founded in 2006, Williams Trucking Company is family-owned and operated. Williams Trucking offers services to landfills, commercial, power generation, residential, and phosphate customers. They pride themselves on fair pricing. Currently, they’re working with 159 contractors. They also have completed over 5,000 projects.

Phone:  (813)752-8210

Address: 1803 Corporate Center Lane, Plant City, FL 33567


6. Inland Transport Inc.

Inland Transport has over two decades of experience. They offer shipping in 3 days or less as far north as PA and as far west as TX. They do this from their location in Orlando. They offer a large variety of modes and equipment. Inland also operates company-owned trucks.

Phone: 888-881-0889


Address: 3210 Friendly Ave, Orlando, FL 32808


5. Schwend Inc.

Founded in 1976 by Charles & Judi Schwend, Schwend Inc is family owned and operated. They offer full-stack logistics services in the contiguous USA. Schwend offers full line trucking service and seeks to build both a business and personal relationship with their partners. They seek to form traditional relationships with their partners.

Phone(Dade City): (352)588-2220 , (800)342-2619 , (800)243-7757

Phone(Tampa): (813)628-9100 , (877)374-2855


Address(Dade City): 28945 Johnston Rd, Dade City, FL 33523

Address(Tampa): 4020 North 40th St, Tampa, FL 33610


4. Dray Hub

Offering a wide array of drayage services, Dray Hub is an excellent trucking company based out of Miami. By using our cloud-based system, Truck Hub, we allow you a full view of every step of the process. We combine advanced technology and asset-based logistics to provide speedy, accurate, and easy to understand service.

Phone: +1(888) 219-4544, (786) 589-4063


Address: 3300 NW 110 Street Miami FL 33167


3. DGD Transport

DGD Transport has excellent service across the lower 48. By combining full company ownership of all of the equipment (asset-based) & FTL service DGD Transport can ensure quality every step of the way. By offering both dry van and temperature controlled shipping on-demand with an “Uber-Like” experience. DGD Transport handily takes the position of one of the best trucking companies in Florida. With coast to coast operation & a high tech backbone, it is no surprise that DGD Transport is so widely accredited. It makes sense that they’re one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. With this growth, it won’t be surprising if they continue to increase quality and prestige.

Phone: +1(888) 219-4544, (786) 589-4063


Address: 3300 NW 110 Street Miami FL 33167


2. LTL Hub

With over 15 years in the industry, LTL Hub is the undisputed leader in LTL logistics. Using high-tech solutions, LTL Hub manages to tie together convenience, quality, and competitive rates. With a specialty in South Florida (SoFlo) last-mile delivery, they’re a perfect choice for handling any event logistics in the area. They can also provide full-service logistics for any event you’re looking for. Overall, LTL Hub’s service in the LTL sector is nonpareil.

Phone: +1(888) 219-4544, (786) 589-4063


Address: 3300 NW 110 Street Miami FL 33167


1. FTL Hub

Since 2004 founder & CEO Luis Lopez has found key unsatisfied niches in the Florida shipping market. He’s done this by providing best-in-class service across a wide range of services. By utilizing high-tech solutions and taking command of shipping from start to finish, DGD can ensure high quality, speed, and satisfaction. With an A+ from the BBB, you know that Team DGD is a name you can trust.

Phone: +1(888) 219-4544, (786) 589-4063


Address: 3300 NW 110 Street Miami FL 33167


Overall, when trucking in Florida, you have many options. With the diversity of choice available, it is vital that you choose the right people. Here at Freight Hub Group, we are dedicated to ensuring that you get the service you’ll need with quality you’ll love.




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